Every experience we have in our lives carries a footprint held by our body and our brain. The language is our senses and our emotional response.

But our bodies hold more of our memories than our brains, and our body truth always manages to find a way out eventually!

Our cells hold the footprint information as a positive or negative experience, where the negative experiences are stresses in our cells.

Our brain’s job is to keep us safe (with all that intellect!) and so all negative experiences are to be avoided or minimised or buried. Storing memories, hiding them, denial, self delusion, false pride, stories and pain are all mechanisms of the brain in coping with negative experiences and stresses.

So what is the problem?

Eventually the Body’s truth cannot be ignored as stresses affect our behaviour, as our brain finds a way to avoid the negativity and ultimately weakness. A position of strength is what the brain seeks.

Many health professionals will attest to the impacts on our health and wellbeing from stress, as more and more forms of stress are identified as impacting our lives.

Imagine you have a car accident on a wet road one night. Each time you drive at night, particularly if it is poor weather, your body remembers even if your brain has blocked it out or minimises it. You will have a physiological response, your heart rate will go up, your flight /flight responses will be acute and you will be neurologically weak. Consciously or more concerning subconsciously, your brain will find a way to avoid this situation.

It might be a story or belief is made that you don’t like driving at night, or you don’t like going to the movies for cheap Tuesday night. You might avoid driving altogether. Or you might push through and go out but not enjoy the outing as anxiety is running in the background.

Either way your body memory could be setting you on a different path than your heart desires, and worse it could be without you even realising.

Our body ‘s bad secrets create a bodily response and our brain finds a way around them. Similarly, addictions are our body’s good secrets (good emotional memories of pleasure and elation anyway) and our brain finds a way to hide the behaviours that are not socially acceptable.

The key is for the brain to be fully aware of all of the body’s secrets, so that there is a balance in yourself. Acceptance of all of your emotions and senses, and being fully present in all experiences is the key to a healthy sense of self and happiness.

What secrets do you think your body is keeping from your brain?

What behaviours do you have that are taking you away from the real you?

How is all this playing out in your relationships, life patterns, parenting and other aspects of your life?

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