Program Structure

Our programs are based on the researched and proven success of The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning’s Building BlockTM curriculum. Brumby Life Skills Facilitators are certified by Equine Connection International and accredited by The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning. Each program has a specific objective which can be tailored to meet your individual, group or company goals.


A facilitator guides you and your group through the set obstacle courses, with the intent to assist not teach. Groundwork tasks, with our supportive and calm horses, provide opportunities for self -guided, experiential learning. Individuals or groups need to work through tasks in the program – where the horse is your team mate. Participants need to learn to observe and adjust their feelings and behaviours – which are valuable life skills for home, work and group environments.

Why Horses?

Horses make learning fun, engaging, and uniquely challenging. Horses are great teachers because they…

  • Constantly react to stimulus by the participant
  • They don’t judge
  • They don’t lie or overthink motives
  • Are sensitive and instinctive
  • Use body language to provide honest and instant feedback
  • Work on herd based trust, respect and teamwork
  • Work on leadership traits not force
  • Magnify an individual’s problem immediately – all 400kg+!
  • Provide the forum for powerful self-reflection and learning.

Horses + Objective-Based tasks + Effective Facilitation + Experiential Learning = Positive Change

See for yourself the experiential learning in action

Our Programs

Leaders in the making Life skills for individuals and youth organisations

To know yourself better is to know your potential. Programs can be for individuals or for school groups and organisations.

Programs help to:

  • Build confidence
  • Manage bullying relationships
  • Improve decision making
  • Define your character
  • Identify personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Reflect on personal growth from the tasks, and identify how they relate to leading your own life.

Women take the lead Women’s Personal and Professional development

Tap into your women’s intuition, the power of like-minded women…and then amplify that with the power of horses.

Develop your leadership qualities to inspire taking control of all aspects of your life. Ignite your passion in work and home life Gain skills to build your resilience and problem solving

Boost your self esteem to face all of life’s challenges with confidence.

Family Connections

A family who solve problems and face challenges together, grow together.

This program is the perfect digital detox, and time to reconnect with one another.

Horses bring the respect and honesty that provides a safe place to learn and allows all participants to build intimacy.

Corporate Retreats Professional development and Leadership skills

Experience a Corporate retreat that is not only a fun team building exercise, but offers directly transferrable skills in leadership, communication styles, team dynamics and organisational development.

  • Create harmonious workplaces
  • Build highly functioning teams
  • Improve productivity