Welcome to Brumby Life Skills

Brumby Life Skills offers Personal and Professional development and training in unique ways. Programs and consults are available for individuals, groups, youth and corporate groups. Profound changes in your life are possible without physically changing much. It is all about personal growth and how that changes your perspective and the way that impacts your interactions with others. Whether it is with our horses as the teachers, or person to person consults, there is an opportunity to improve all aspects of your life; to be happier and fulfilled more of the time. Self inquiry and challenge are key to growth and happiness.


An unexamined life is not worth living” - Socrates

Our Horses

Calypso 8 yrs old, is a curious young horse, with a lot of personality. He is playful and sometimes mischievous! He can have serious moments and responds to people being real with him

Athena is placid and contemplative. She has a quiet strength and will hold a space for people. She has a protective nature and helps people when they need support.

Imagine living your life like a Brumby –
…with personal strength and character,
…with loving family relationships,
…confident in your work and career,
…thriving despite adversity,
…trusting your intuition
…and living in the freedom and happiness of being yourself.

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