Brumby Life Skills

Helping People Live a big Life!

Brumby Life Skills

Helping People Live a big Life!

Brumby Life Skills

Helping People Live a big Life!

Unique Learning Experiences

Welcome to Brumby Life Skills

Brumby Life Skills is all about personal development on the basis that if you know yourself, you know your potential. We offer life skills training in unique ways, for individuals, groups, youth and corporate groups. Profound changes in your life are possible without physically changing much. Whether it is with our horses as the teachers, or person to person consults, there is an opportunity to improve all aspects of your life; to be happier and fulfilled more of the time.


Know your potential

Paddock life

  • Fun interactions with horses
  • NO RIDING involved
  • Family time with a difference
  • Outdoor activity for kids to get back to nature
  • Hang out with the herd

Structured Programs with Horses offering

  • Professional development
  • Personal challenge and growth on a new level
  • Youth programs to build confidence
  • Corporate training with transferrable skills

Life coaching consults with

  • Emotional intelligence coaching
  • Life coaching and Goal setting
  • Success in more aspects of your life
  • Kinesiology healing

Solutions and Skills to be your best you

Horse Programs – Equine Assisted Learning EAL

Programs and individual sessions provide skills in:

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Problem solving
  • Confidence
  • Focus & Calmness
  • Loyalty & respect & boundaries
  • Team building
  • Workplace productivity & harmony
  • Higher Self esteem
  • Relationship building

Life Coaching

One on one sessions provide solutions to:

  • Genuine work/ life balance
  • Body energy balancing
  • Improved Self awareness
  • Body and emotional issues including:
    • Anxiety & depression
    • Emotional control
    • Repeat life sabotages
    • Undesirable behaviours
    • Breaking habits
    • Relationship issues
    • Low self esteem
    • Fertility and family matters
    • Parenting struggles

Your Safety is COVID

  • Horses are very large team mates and help with keeping 1.5m safe distancing!
  • Office spaces allow for distancing too
  • Hand washing and sanitizer are available
  • Regular cleaning of office surfaces and horse arena equipment
  • Open fresh air environment for all services
  • Online live sessions for Life Coaching are available on request